Silicone Bath Brush


If you've ever had the pleasure of spending time in an authentic sauna, whether it's Finnish, Estonian, Russian, or from anywhere else in that corner of the world, you've probably seen or experienced what seems like a vicious initiation ceremony into sauna culture. Some old guy takes up a bundle of sticks and leaves and then proceeds to attack someone else with the bundle while the other person lies or sits quietly. It's not aggravated assault so much as it is a traditional process of cleansing, massage, and health enrichment. The colloquial term for it in English would be a whisk, but each language has its own traditions and processes around the concept.

Now, if you're just taking a regular shower, you're probably not going to want a random old dude to be in the corner beating you with a shrubbery, but it's still nice to have some way of making sure your back gets totally clean. That's why we've brought in this spectacular Silicone Bath Brush. With two sides of different bristles to massage and exfoliate your skin and handles to make it even easier to cover every part of your back, front, and in-between, you're going to wonder how you lived so long without this bad boy in your life.


70cm long x 11cm wide

Hang in your shower/tub space and use it as part of your daily bathing routine. You know how to take a shower, right?

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Silicone Bath Brush Style Standard | Style Standard
Silicone Bath Brush