Straight Arrow Tie Clip

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Straight Arrow Tie Clip

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There's just something about a bow and arrow that's inherently interesting. In the right hands, a bow and arrow are a silent but deadly pair that can be used to effect massive damage. From the early days of the American frontier to the battlefields of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, archery has been a massive part of warfare and hunting worldwide for countless millennia. The most important part of archery is the arrow; without it, nothing would be possible. Made at the right length, with the right materials, and by the right person, an arrow is absolutely deadly. The biggest issue with making arrows? Making sure it's straight enough.

These days, we aren't using arrows in daily life, but there's no reason you can't rock one all the same. People use the term Straight Arrow to describe someone who's honest and morally upright so why not tell the world that's who you are by wearing it proudly? A tie clip like this not only holds your tie in place, it also helps hold you in higher standing. It doesn't hurt that wearing one makes you look like you know what you're doing.

100% Stainless Steel
2.25” (6.5cm) long