Steel Flask


On October 2nd, 2018, police in Gilbert, Minnesota released a statement warning residents of drunk and disorderly birds. You read that right, drunk birds. Apparently, an early frost had fermented the berries and some birds were getting drunk off the boozy fruits. Thankfully, humans don't have to wait for an early frost to have a stiff drink or two. We've been carrying liquids around in containers for about as long as we can remember, but the hip flask as we know it only came about in the late 18th century.

These days, the flask has become much less of a common sight amongst younger men. There hasn't been an occasion that we've been to, though, where having a flask was a bad idea. Either the event is too dry but calls for a drink, or the stuff on offer isn't up to snuff, but there's always a reason for a quick sip or two. With a sturdy latch top, you'll never lose the cover to the Steel Flask but you might lose part of its contents to your friends or lovers.

WARNING: Some places don't allow flasks as part of their 'open container' laws, so check your lawbooks before pulling this out in front of the cops.

100% Steel
Capacity: 5oz

There's not much styling that we can recommend for this one. It'll pair with pretty much anything you wear, so don't worry about that. A good polishing (or microfiber) cloth will help to keep the sheen on this flask. Don't put anything too acidic into the flask and make sure you clean it out with gentle soap and water after use. Don't keep alcoholic liquids in the flask for too long, finishing your drink the day you put it in is preferable.