Striped Canvas Dopp Kit


As cities and countries around the world start banning single-use plastics and instituting plastic bag charges in stores, it's clearly a time of change for a lot of habits. No longer will you have a straw to chew on nervously during a date and now you have to bring your own bag to hide your embarrassing purchases from the grocery store. (Really, who buys cereal and lotion at the same time?)

One other big change you should start bringing into your habits is switching from carrying your toiletries in a plastic bag to something a little more mature. Thankfully, we've got you covered with the Striped Canvas Dopp Kit. Big enough to fit all of your (travel-sized) toiletry needs but small enough to fit in a corner of your bag, it's eye-catching enough to be found but not too crazy that your latest travel buddy has to worry about your sanity. Best of all? It's made of a durable 16oz Canvas and comes with a waterproof inner lining, so you never need to worry about your shampoo and best shirt ever meeting.

16oz Canvas
Waterproof Inner Lining
Brass Zipper
9.5"L x 3.5"W x 4"H (24.1cm x 8.9cm x 10.2cm)

Put your toiletries into this. Show it off to your date when you bring her back to your hotel room or sneak her into your mother's basement (we don't judge). Make sure you leave enough room for those fancy hotel toiletries you're probably never going to use when you get home.