Styling Powder

Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder boosts volume and texture across all hair lengths, delivering a natural, matte finish for effortless styling.

Key Features:
-Flexible, Natural Hold: Adds volume with a natural shine, allowing for adjustable hold by applying more powder.
-Versatile Styling: Ideal for modern, textured looks like crops, messy quiffs, and everyday styles.
-Easy Application: Shake and Rake method for quick, hassle-free styling, perfect for any hair type, particularly thinner or finer hair.

In a 20g pack, apply to completely dry hair. Shake lightly over the head, rake into place for texture, and add more powder for extra control. For removal, a thorough wash using Degreaser, Everyday Shampoo, and Everyday Conditioner is recommended for certain hair types.


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