The Oliver - Ivory
The Oliver - Ivory
The Oliver - Ivory

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The Oliver - Ivory

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If you’ve ever spent time in a Japanese bar, either in Japan or somewhere else in the world, you might have noticed that they have a very different take on cocktails than the western world does. While bartenders from the west might be more focused on creating interesting new cocktails with weird ingredients, Japanese bar culture has focused on meticulous execution. Japanese bartenders are more focused on the pursuit of perfection and carefully crafting the perfect cocktail, with attention paid to every last detail. From the shape of the ice to the way they shake a drink all the way down to how you pour a mixer, Japanese bar culture has focused on getting everything perfect without any extra fuss.

The Oliver is the exact same thing but in a watch. A minimalist style uncluttered by almost everything, this is a watch that screams understated elegance. This is the kind of watch that will take you everywhere and anywhere and, unlike that baseball cap that’s starting to smell a bit, it’ll actually look good too. 2 thin hands and a seconds sub-dial pair up with the understated numbering in a way that will always look clean and never be hard to read. Coming with a black Italian leather band out of the box, this watch pairs well with all of our NATO strap bands.

Japanese Quartz movement
7mm thin 316L stainless steel
40mm diameter
18mm strap
Water resistant up to 30 meters