Beards have had a spectacular popularity boost over the recent years, encouraging many guys to ditch the razor, start growing, and trial a few trending beard styles for themselves.


Are you looking for ways to kick your beard-game up to the next level in 2021? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve listed 7 trending beard styles to try for yourself this year - check it out.


1 - Short Stubble


To kick off our list of trending beard styles, we have one of the easiest styles to create - short stubble.


For some blokes, less is more when it comes to their facial hair - making the ‘short stubble’ style a great option. It’s perfect for guys that aren’t ready to commit to the upkeep required for longer beard styles.


This look doesn’t take long to achieve - since stubble can start to appear within a week.


Stubble | | Style Standard


2 - Corporate Beard


For blokes chasing a style to rock in the office, the corporate beard is the answer.


The corporate is a shorter full-beard style - though it requires consistent upkeep and regular grooming. The beard has a length


of around 3-inches all over, with neat borders on the cheeks and around the neck.


To maintain this clean beard, you’ll need a strong and strict beard-care routine.



3 - Verdi Beard


Guys with a strong, thick moustache can make it the focus of their beard with this popular style - the Verdi (titled after the 19th-century Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi).


The Verdi beard features a handlebar moustache, waxed and curved at the tips - surrounded by a longer, 4-inch beard. This style will take a bit longer to pull off, especially to get the moustache to its full potential.


Verdi Beard | Style Standard



4 - Beard-Stache


Another great choice for guys with a strong mo’ is the beard-stache. It’s much easier to grow than the Verdi, doesn’t require as much upkeep, and still puts all the focus on your ‘stache.  


With the beard-stache, the facial hair length varies over the face. The moustache is typically much longer and is styled into a chevron, handlebar, walrus, or any other style you prefer - surrounded by short stubble.



5 - Van-Dyke Beard


The Van-Dyke beard is named after the 17th-century painter Anthony Van Dyke, and offers guys a twist on the classic goatee style - with a few notable differences. Unlike the goatee, the Van Dyke has a separated moustache with a lengthier chin beard.


This is a great choice for blokes looking for something fresh and different.


Van Dyke Beard | Style Standard


6 - Yeard


The ‘yeard’ is exactly what it sounds like - a year-long beard growth journey with no shaving or excessive trimming. It’s an ambitious beard growth challenge that not every bloke is bold enough to pull-off.


Though if you have the patience and willpower, you’re left with a full, long beard that would make any Viking or lumberjack proud.


Yeard | Style Standard


7 - Royale Beard


Rounding out our trending beard styles list is the Royale beard - another favoured goatee-style beard. It features a full, detached moustached sitting above an anchor-shaped chin strap. This style is very neat and doesn’t have a lot of length behind it.


The royale beard does require some upkeep and maintenance to keep the borders nice and tidy.


Essential Beard Products Every Man Needs


Growing a beard is one thing, but properly maintaining it is a whole other challenge you’ll need to consider. Though with the right products by your side, the process becomes much easier. Here are 3 essential beard products you’ll need to maintain your beard this year.


    Cedarwood Beard Oil Conditioner | Beau Brummell For Men

      Beard oil is arguably the most important product you’ll need for your whiskers. After all, it can offer a powerhouse of benefits - helping to moisturise your beard and skin, reduce itching, prevent flaking, and add a healthy shine. Though on top of all this, it simply smells great!


      This Cedarwood Beard Oil Conditioner is a worthy companion. It contains an assortment of natural ingredients to hydrate and cleanse the beard while leaving behind a warm, woodsy aroma.


        Beard Balm | Uppercut

          To keep your beard styled and in shape, you’ll need to get your hands on a beard balm. Beard balm offers a slightly stronger hold on your whiskers, helping you to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Plus, it can also act as a leave-in conditioner to provide your beard a softer touch.


          If you’re hunting for a product, try this Beard Balm by Uppercut - it offers the perfect balance between control and shine to keep your whiskers where they should be.


            Beard Brush & Comb Kit | Style Standard

              Because you can’t expect to properly style your whiskers with just your fingers, you’ll also need to grab a set of beard brushes. They won't only help to shape your beard, but a nice beard comb will also help to spread-out your products and clean-out any crumbs.


              This Beard Brush & Comb Kit has everything you’ll need for styling your beard - including a large and small tooth comb, alongside a bigger bristled brush.

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