Shave cream vs shave gel - what’s the difference and what should you be using to shave? It’s a common question that blokes will often ask themselves.

The short answer? It largely depends on the situation and your personal preference - that being said, there’s a little bit more to consider when choosing the best shaving lubricant. Don’t worry, we’ve covered it all below. 

So, if you’re eager to learn the difference between shave cream vs shave gel, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve explained how these products differ from each other and have explained how you can choose the best product. Take a look! 

What Is Shaving Gel

So, let’s start with shaving gel - what is it exactly? 

Similar to its creamy counterpart, shaving gel is a popular shaving lubricant used to reduce resistance between the razor and skin. This lessens any skin irritation and provides a much smoother shaving experience.

Though, unlike shaving creams, shaving gel is translucent and doesn’t require a shaving brush to apply. 

The Benefits Of Shaving Gel 

Shaving gel can bring along an assortment of benefits that creams simply can’t match - ranging from its easy application to its time-saving advantages. We’ve delved into these points below. 

Precision. One of the most compelling reasons to use a shaving gel is that the formula is typically translucent. Without a soapy lather blocking the view, you’re able to track your strokes for a more even shave. This feature is particularly handy for blokes trying to shape their beard-lines with precision.

Easy Application. When it comes to applying a shaving cream properly, the process can be time-consuming. Whipping the blend into a rich lather with a shaving brush takes time, which isn’t practical if you’re in a rush. Shaving gel on the other hand is much easier to apply - all you need to do is swipe it over the skin and you’re free to start shaving. 

Time-Saving. Because shaving gel is quick to apply and eliminates your need to double-back over spots you’ve already shaved, it can seriously cut time off your daily shaving routine. This is particularly useful for gentlemen with a busy morning schedule. 

What Is Shaving Cream?

Now, let’s dive into shaving cream - what is it and how does it work?

Unlike shaving gel, shaving cream is a much more traditional shaving lubricant - initially invented in the early 1900s to help guys with coarse stubble and sensitive skin achieve a pleasant shave.

Over the years, shaving cream has evolved into the product we see today. It’s now a very versatile product - serving many functions to help improve the shaving experience. At its very core, shaving cream is still used to reduce friction between the blades and skin. Though on top of this, shaving cream also works to hydrate the skin with an assortment of nourishing ingredients. 

The Benefits Of Shaving Cream 

So, what are the benefits of using shaving cream over shaving gel? We’ve highlighted the key points below.

Easier To Rinse. With a shaving gel, you’ll find that these heavy products tend to clog-up our razors - making us need to constantly rinse while shaving. Though with shaving cream, this isn’t an issue. These products wash off your razor with ease allowing you to get on with your shave. 

Pleasing Scents. What we love about shaving creams in-particular is that there’s such a wide range of satisfying scents to choose between. Whether you’re chasing a deeper, woodsy fragrance, or refreshing notes of citrus - finding the perfect cream to lift your shaving experience couldn’t be easier. 

Don’t Underestimate The Lather. At first glance, the longer application times of shaving cream may seem like a pitfall - though, in reality, it’s a core benefit. 

When we use a shaving brush to create a thick, rich lather, we’re actually gently exfoliating dead cells and lifting the hairs from the skin. This helps to create a much smoother glide of the razor, helpings to reduce irritation and provide a closer shave. 

If you’re on the hunt for a premium shaving cream, we’d suggest this Shave Cream by Beau Brummell For Men. Containing argan oil, vegetable glycerin, and a blend of aromatic plant extracts, this formula works to hydrate, prevent skin irritation, and deliver a smoother shave. 

Shave Cream Vs Shave Gel: What Should I Use? 

So, now that we know the key differences between shave cream vs shave gel, you may still be asking: ‘which product should I be using to shave?’

As we mentioned before, choosing between a shaving gel and cream is all about the situation and your preferences. 

For example, because shaving gels are transparent and are quick to apply, they’re best used for gentlemen who need to precisely shape their beard lines or need to shave in a hurry. If you have a busy morning routine, shaving gel may be the way to go. Or, if your skin tends to feel dry post-shave, you could switch to a shaving gel and take advantage of its moisture-retaining powers. 

Or, if you’d like to take your time with a relaxing shave, try using shaving cream. They’re often infused with a complex assortment of scents to make your shaving experience a little more luxurious. Plus, if you’re tired of your razor clogging from a dense gel, it may be worth switching to a lighter shaving cream that’s easier to rinse. 

So, if you’re choosing between a shaving cream and gel, it’s important to consider which product you prefer to apply, the circumstances in which they’re being used, and how they can impact your skin. From here, finding the best shaving lubricant quickly becomes a breeze.

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